Spray tans! The simple  way to get a gorgeous even tan in a couple of minutes and last about a week. Our plant and sugar base tanning solution will give you a natural looking tan. Our Mystic HD will heat your body as it tans you so you step out dry and tan.

Some quick and easy prep steps to make your sunless tan work to its maximum potential!

​Before coming in to tan, exfoliate your skin using a loofah or washcloth. Try to avoid using oil-based solutions, lotions, deodorants, or perfumes before your spray tan. You want to keep your skin on the dry side for the spray to fully set in!

Things to remember after your tan.

Get your skin moisturized to help the tan last longer and fade evenly.

Want a deeper longer lasting spray tan? Try the Tanning Cocktail.

​Spend time in the UVA/UVB Onyx bed and let the heat open up your pores to absorb the spray tan deeper for a longer lasting tan.